About Us

“Being a successful flavor aficionado means knowing when to be bold and when to be subtle.

Mastering this delicate dance is our paramount goal; we are authors of spirits and you’ll find our portfolio reflects this passion for flavor and balance. After all, a bar is like a library, full of unique spirits crafted by an author’s hand.

Do you have a good book, one with creased and well worn pages that you know so well it almost feels like a member of the family? The beautiful thing about gin is that you probably haven’t had the same one twice. Just like that beloved book we aim to be a well read volume on your shelf.

Your favorite books are the ones you can’t put down; memorable, enticing, and full of character(s). Why should your gin be any different?

Start with Chapter One and see where the story takes you.”

-AJ Temple, Head Distiller and Founder


For more information on our story, our distillery, and the spirits we’ve cast as our characters, please visit our main website:

To meet the characters yourself, feel free to order online and we’ll send them straight to you!